• Oct 5

    Miss East Midlands Burlesque 2015 - NATASHA NOIR

    Honey Cabaret is proud to host the annual Miss East Midlands Burlesque competition - this year's took place on 25th September 2015 - and here is your WINNER and runners up...... 

    1st Place - NATASHA NOIR 

    Natasha Noir

    2nd Place - SCARLETTA FIRE 

    Scarletta Fire

    3rd Place - QUINTELLA MADORA

    You can catch Natash's WINNING performance at the next Honey Cabaret Show at The Forum on Friday 23rd October - she will be joining an all star comedy spectacular of a line up, get your tickets here


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  • Aug 25
  • Jun 26

    Whip round to recover money stolen from the Ryan Lee Trust

    A man came into the The Ryan Lee Trust Charity Centre and stole £150.00 which was meant to pay fo the DJ at this Saturday's upcoming Annual fundraiser ball. This is a £2.00 whip round to try and recover that money. Your donation would mean so much. Thank you xxxxxx


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  • May 2

    Twirling up a Storm at Nottingham's Legendary Rock City!

    If you missed our fabulous cocktail of local Nottinghamshire Burlesque troupes taking to the main stage at Rock City last week - well, we can only offer our condolences, but because we don’t like anyone to miss out, here it is in pictures!

    The brains behind the magic, Berni Meehan, aka, Honey Minx, defies herself to do anything by halves. So this year, she took on the almost logistically impossible, and set out to get over 100 Burlesque performers all in the same venue, at the same time, dazzling the midlands audience for one night only! Her own Lady Burlesque troupe was joined by Reenie’s Rockettes, The Papillettes,  Damsels In Undress and The Scarlet Ribbon School, to take part in the largest burlesque show Nottingham, and possibly the country has ever seen! With 19 beautifully choreographed routines designed to tease, tickle and entertain, the usually more conventionally alternative stage was lit up with showgirl red lipstick, tassels and rhinestones galore!

     Burlesque Performance

    The evening saw an audience of almost 400 cheering, whooping, laughing and shouting for more. The show was featured in the Nottingham Post and was even tweeted out to the prestigious London Burlesque Academy; Burlesque Baby’s near 50,000 followers!


    In an explosive celebration of femininity, it was a delight to see so many ladies on one stage throwing their satin gloves up at the pressure so greatly put on women to conform to standards. Berni herself said “There’s something for everyone, whether you’re interested in the vintage side of things, the dancing, the glitz and glamour, or the striptease. It’s become really popular in Nottingham and I think it’s because it’s so empowering to see other women, of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities celebrating the female form”.


    Joining the local troupes was industry A Lister; Diva Hollywood, who performed two outstanding solo routines giving us a delectable taste of the professional circuit. Hosting the entire evening in her expert and hilarious manner was Heidi Bang Tidy, who said of the event; “Some of the dancers have never performed in front of a live audience before, but if you cheer for them, it’s amazing how much they get into it.” She is also keen to break the misunderstanding around the art of burlesque saying; “A strip club is miles away from what happens at a burlesque show. But I have no problem with strippers or strip clubs. It’s not what I do but I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies”.


    Did you catch the show itself? Do you fancy giving it all a (t)whirl and seeing what you can do? Berni has 3 Burlesque classes in Nottingham, Eastwood and Sandiacre for you to chose from, with a new one starting in Ilkeston very soon. Give her a call on 07714 123 431, and before you know it, you could be up on that stage too!

    @honeycabaret and @NottmDancFitnes 



    All photos credited to Martyn Boston 



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  • Apr 11

    Burlesque Supershow Featured in the Nottingham Post!

    Burlesque Supershow Featured in the Nottingham Post!

    Click Here to show the original article or see below for the no advert version!
    Click the article images to show a bigger version.

    Credit Nottingham Post | Jemma Page


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