• Aug 7

    22nd April 2018 Workshop

    Jo King - Goodtime Mama Jojo! Burlesque Legend Workshop!

    Mama Jojo


    For the Facebook event click HERE

    Jo King is a performer, teacher, choreographer who has taught, inspired and empowered thousands of women world-wide, including Immodesty Blaize and last year's judge Miss Polly Rae!

    Feisty, fearless, and 50 something, with over 37 years experience in the cabaret industry, Jo King tirelessly promotes female confidence through her work.

    In 2000 (after many years of teaching and choreographing burlesque striptease dancers in London clubs) she formed the pioneering London School of Striptease which was the very first company in Europe to offer opportunities for every woman to learn exotic-dance, classic striptease and pole-dancing.

    Jo also formed the London Academy of Burlesque which specialised in the theatricality, performance skills and re-invention of this sensational Vaudevillian genre.

    In June 2008, celebrating her 30th year in the industry, Jo was invited to perform at the 52nd Annual Burlesque Legend's Reunion Showcase in Las Vegas. Jo is the first British performer to be recognised as a “Burlesque Legend” by the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

    This was a fabulous workshop. Don's miss out on the next one!


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  • Nov 2

    Donation to The Alzheimer's Society

    This year's Miss East Midlands Burlesque competition, held on 25th September at Oceana raised money for charity via the sale of voting tokens. Audience members purchased tokens to vote for their favourite act and nominated which charity they'd like to see the money go to. The Alzheimer's Society was chosen and we are delighted to have raised £235.00, which has now been donated and gratefully received. Thank you to all of those who came to the event and purchased tokens. 


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  • Oct 5

    Miss East Midlands Burlesque 2015 - NATASHA NOIR

    Honey Cabaret is proud to host the annual Miss East Midlands Burlesque competition - this year's took place on 25th September 2015 - and here is your WINNER and runners up...... 

    1st Place - NATASHA NOIR 

    Natasha Noir

    2nd Place - SCARLETTA FIRE 

    Scarletta Fire

    3rd Place - QUINTELLA MADORA

    You can catch Natash's WINNING performance at the next Honey Cabaret Show at The Forum on Friday 23rd October - she will be joining an all star comedy spectacular of a line up, get your tickets here


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  • Aug 25
  • Jun 26

    Whip round to recover money stolen from the Ryan Lee Trust

    A man came into the The Ryan Lee Trust Charity Centre and stole £150.00 which was meant to pay fo the DJ at this Saturday's upcoming Annual fundraiser ball. This is a £2.00 whip round to try and recover that money. Your donation would mean so much. Thank you xxxxxx


    Posted By administrator on Jun 26, 2015 at 9:27 AM