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Honey Cabaret Presents: The Best of Burlesque! 5th February 2016

Coming to The Forum, Nottingham on 5th February 2016 - we have the most exciting line up we've ever put together. Barely any introduction necessary, it's a TRIPPLE headliner event featuring the very best in the business, we give you....... 


Image by Neil Kendall Photography 

The whisky soaked, fire breathing, chopper ridin' British Princess of Burlesque herself! 


Image by Ayesha Hussain

Part Burlesque starlet, part innovative performance artiste, part music hall Vaudevillian, and all dreamer...

Beau Rocks!!!

Image by Ayesha Haych Ayeshah

Ultimate glamour with a heartwarming pinch of girl next door calamity 

Andromeda Circus!!

Andromeda emerged as a professional performer in Gran Canaria in 1996. Years of theatre and dance training prepared him to transform into the unique, colourful artist he is today.

Sean Hayden!!

Arguably the most televised illusionist in the UK, Sean Heydon is fast becoming one of the world’s most exciting and cutting edge performers to watch.

Jess Leanne Norris!!

At 18 Jess Entered her First Competition, the UK’s original elite completion run by Pole Passion, 'Miss Pole Dance UK' JESS placed first and won 'Best Tricks Award 2011' and has also Won it Yet again in 2015!!! The amazing skill and elegance of her pole act will leave you breathless

If you don't already have your tickets before reaching the end of this jaw dropping line up, the amazing Mr Luke Meredith as your host should seel the deal! PLUS more acts to be announced ensuring you yet another exceptional night out at Honey Cabaret - get your tickets here NOW, this one will sell out FAST!

Tickets for The Palace Theatre Variety show have just gone on sale! Get your tickets using the cart below!

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