Nottingham Dance and Fitness Privacy Policy

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Last modified: 12 August 2018


For the remainder of this documentation Nottingham Dance and Fitness shall be known as NDF.

Privacy Statement

NDF is committed to upholding the Data Protection principles of good practice. Protecting your privacy is important to us and we strive to keep all information relating to you confidential in accordance with this statement and the law. As part of the normal operation of our services you may voluntarily provide us with information about yourself. The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to explain what personal data we collect about you, how that personal data might be used and how we protect your personal data and privacy.

Please note that although NDF is a dance and fitness services provider, we also organise events and sell tickets to those events and so our privacy policy must reflect that. NDF will only store necessary data to provide the service that you, the customer, are using. You may request, at any time, the data that NDF has stored by providing adequate identification. You may decide at any time whether you wish for us to continue to use that data in order to continue to provide you with those services or if you wish to amend or erase the data that we hold.

Your Privacy and the Information We Collect from You

In order to operate the site, provide NDF Services, conduct ticket purchase transactions and provide you with information on products and services that may be of interest to you, we May collect three classes of information about you:

· “Contact information” (i.e. information that could be used to contact you such as full name, postal address, phone number and email address), which is then stored on our secure database. We also may collect an emergency contact number; this information is treated the same as special category information and is only stored whilst you are attending NDF classes.

· “Demographic information” (e.g. postal code, hometown, and purchase history information) from you, which is also stored on our database.

. ”Special Category Medical Information” (e.g. relevant medical conditions and/or medications) This information is collected so we can give you the best advice about the classes you’re attending. In the event of an emergency we will give this information to the emergency services. We temporarily store this information whilst you’re attending any NDF classes. If you stop attending NDF classes we periodically purge this information from our database as it is no relevant. This information is never shared with third parties or used for marketing purposes.

· “Financial information” (i.e. credit and debit card numbers) however this information is not permanently stored on our database, we only collect this information to process payments for ticket purchases. We often use third parties to collect payments on our behalf in which case no payment information is collected directly by us.

Data Protection

Your details are encrypted on the NDF server, which is stored in a secure location. The server is password protected and can only be accessed by authorized staff. When personal data is input into NDF’s server, we use appropriate physical, electronic and managerial security measures to try to prevent that personal data from being accessed by unauthorized persons and to ensure that you may input personal data safely. This means that sometimes we may ask for proof of identity before we disclose personal data to you. When inputting card details for payment, the system encrypts all your personal information including credit/debit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read if intercepted by a malicious third party. NDF does not store any credit/debit card data.

Ticket Bookings

When processing your order for ticket bookings (Customers) we will ask you for your name, address, telephone number and/or email address. This is essential for all non-cash bookings. NDF may use an external merchant to collect and process this information. Where this is the case NDF does not collect any of the above information permanently or temporarily in relation to the non-cash booking system.

NDF only collects personal information about you when you specifically provide us with such information on a voluntary basis. We will not share your personal information for marketing or any other purposes without your consent unless where required by law.

Items 1 to 5 – Only applicable for ordering tickets

Items 5 on – Applicable to everybody

How we Use Your Information

1. Order and Payment Processing, Customer Service and Quality Assurance

We use contact information to help us efficiently perform transactions to deliver the services you have requested and to perform internal quality assurance, sales analysis and other business analyses, all of which are internal only. We may also provide your contact information to your credit card issuer or to credit processors for their purposes. When you make a purchase through the site, or register with the site, you will provide us with an email address where we may contact you for the purposes described in this paragraph.

2. Providing Event Organisers with Contact Information

When you use NDF to purchase tickets, you expressly consent for us to store your email address and other summary contact and payment information in relation to your selected event. This information is stored in order for us to contact you as and when necessary regarding your purchase and also for facilitating, dispute resolution, customer service and notification of any amendments or cancellation of the event. This information is not used, without your permission, for marketing purposes in relation to NDF.

3. Contacting You with Offers and Promotions

After you provide us with your contact details in connection with ordering tickets you will be given the opportunity to specify how that data is handled. You can request that:

  1. your email address and other contact details be added to the NDF’s database and used to send you information on forthcoming events by NDF only;
  2. your email address and other contact details be added to the NDF’s database and used to send you information on forthcoming events by NDF partners.

By selecting any of these options you agree that NDF (on behalf of itself or other organisations) may send to your nominated email address such promotional emails whose content falls within the description/s you have selected, until such time that you indicate a preference not to receive them.

If you have not opted to receive any category of promotional email, then we will not share your contact information with any third parties other than NDF, and then only to the extent and for the purposes permitted by this Privacy Policy above.

4. How We Use Financial Information

We use your financial Information to help us efficiently perform sales and other transactions on the site in order to deliver the services you have requested and to perform quality assurance checks. In some cases we may use third party service providers to help us perform some of these tasks (e.g. Merchant Service Providers) and consequently we may provide them with your financial information. In such cases, we will require these service providers to enter into agreements with us regarding the confidential handling of your information.

5. Information Other Websites Collect from You

On the site, we place links to other websites operated by other parties including, but not limited to, Event Organisers. Some of these other web sites contain our brand names and trademarks and other intellectual property that we own; others do not. When you click on these links and visit these other websites, regardless of whether or not they contain our brand names, trademarks and other intellectual property, you need to be aware that we do not control these other websites or these other websites' business practices, and that this privacy policy does not apply to these other websites. Consequently, the operators of these other websites may collect different kinds of information about you, and may use and disclose that information in different ways than we would if it were collected on the site. We encourage you to review their privacy policies and advise you that we will not be responsible for their actions.

6. How We Use Demographic Information

We may use your demographic information to perform business analyses or to tailor the site and communications to your interests. Any time that we are allowed under this Privacy Policy to share your contact information or financial information; we may also share your demographic information along with it.

7. Responsibility for Disclosure

NDF will not be responsible or otherwise liable for any use or disclosure of your contact, demographic or financial information by a third party to whom NDF is allowed to disclose your contact information under this privacy policy.

8. Access to your personal information

If you wish to correct, update, amend or remove any information we hold about you or amend your marketing preferences, you may do so at any time by contacting NDF on

By accepting the Terms and Conditions or by using the services of NDF you consent to the collection and use of your Personal Data by us for the purposes outlined above and for any other purpose which is reasonably necessary for the provision or proper administration of our service.

Contact us

NDF can be contacted in the following ways:

Telephone: 01773 780397

Mobile: 07714123431